A cousin of mine who lives in Glastonbury, Ct. had mentioned to me that a wonderful gluten free bakery called Dee’s One Smart Cookie had opened near him which offered several gluten free breads and baked goods. I do not live close to Glastonbury and am also diary free so I never researched the bakery for my own personal enjoyment. Another cousin mentioned the bakery to me about 2 weeks ago which prompted me to visit their website, www.deesonesmartcookie.com. Upon entering the website, which is under construction, I noticed Dee’s is not only gluten free but also dairy free! I immediately called and asked them if they could send me a sampling of their gluten and dairy free offerings.

I had no idea what to expect and let me start by saying WOW, the assortment of baked goods that Dee sent was incredible. Everything from fresh baked bread and biscotti to high protein breakfast bars and muffins. Oh and I should mention cupcakes and cookies too, right! Since Dee had to ship the amazing selection to me apparently she was “limited” in what was going to ship well. I can only imagine what else Dee offers at her bakery! What I love about Dee’s One Smart Cookie is: all the ingredients are listed on each product, 90% of the ingredients are organic, no refined sugars, over half the items on the menu are cane sugar free and many of products are made with raw agave nectar.

My taste test included: blueberry muffins which were very light and loaded with blueberries, and thankfully not overwhelmingly sweet. I also tried the biscotti which had a great vanilla and nutmeg taste and were filled with pistachios, dried cranberries and raisins. The chocolate chip cookies tasted like old fashioned bakery cookies, which is quite difficult to find as far as gluten and dairy free are concerned. The blondie was so moist and chocolaty! I have not tasted the homemade bread, shortbread cookies, cupcakes or high protein bars but can only imagine how good they are since everything I have tried so far has been truly wonderful.

In case the daily assortment of gluten and dairy free baked goods was not enough for her customers, Dee also offers daily specials; Tuesdays and Fridays are homemade pizza day, Wednesdays are egg-free and yeast free day. I do wish I lived closer to Dee’s bakery, however since most of the products available ship and freeze beautifully I don’t see it as too much of a problem to enjoy these delectable treats.

What other products does Dee’s One Smart Cookie bakery carry on a regular basis?

Each day the shop is stocked with muffins, brownies, blondies, high protein breakfast bars, lemon bars, chocolate fudge cupcakes, coffee cake, bread pudding, chocolate mousse squares, a wide variety of breads, raspberry oatmeal bars, raisin date oatmeal bars, biscotti, a large variety of cookies. According to owner Diane “Dee” Kittle, “These are the basics customers come to expect each and every day. We rotate additional baked goods beyond these basics each day. These may include individual mini cakes, pineapple upside down cake, strawberry dream cake, whoopee pies (chocolate and green tea lemon), magic bars, etc. We make seasonal changes to the menu as well. In the fall and winter we produce a variety of tarts…key lime, lemon, coconut custard, pumpkin, blueberry, fruit filled, apple. Most are cane sugar free.”The daily sugar free menu includes a variety of bread pudding, raisin date oatmeal bars, raspberry oatmeal bars, high protein breakfast bars, muffins, black bean brownies. Dee’s bakery also makes a carrot cupcake, apple spice cupcake and a cocoa red velvet cupcake on a rotating basis with either a low sugar dark chocolate ganache or a sugar free meringue frosting. In addition, you’ll find shortbread cookies, molasses cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies…all sweetened with organic agave nectar.

Dee’s One Smart Cookie is open Tuesday through Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-5. I must say, Dee really is One Smart Cookie, and quite a baker as well! Hats off to Dee’s Bakery.

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  1. MaryBeth Norman says:

    Thank you for your very positive critque on Dee’s bakery. She really is one smart cookie and a wonderful person too.
    I’m lucky enough to have her for a sister in law. I’m glad to here everyone else is getting a little taste!

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