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Are YOU…
• Ready to SPRING into ACTION?
• Tired of trying the latest fad diets to lose weight?
• Searching for a HEALTHY, BALANCED life?
• Committed to SHEDDING some weight?

How to Weigh Less in 21 Days With EASE is a series of 3 classes designed for anyone who wants to once and for all learn what it means to live a healthy life, have more energy, eat the right foods, reduce cravings, expand food choices PLUS learn tons of cooking, nutrition, food and wellness tips.

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• Learn at your own pace now or later with an mp3 download

The following audio classes are all designed to support you to successfully live a more vibrant, healthier and happier life.  You can listen at home or on the go.  All classes are downloadable to your PC, MAC or MP3 device.

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Deconstruct your Sugar Cravings Class

Do you constantly crave sweets?  Are you tired of being tired?  Do you struggle with your relationship with food?

In this audio class you will learn:

• Wonderful naturally sweet alternatives to sugar
• Ways to “feed” yourself without sugar
• How your lifestyle affects your cravings
• Simple and effective ways to decrease your cravings without willpower

HINT: Sugar is the solution, not the problem!

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How to Nourish and Care for Yourself

You nurture your husband, lover, children, employer and community.  Are you focusing on everyone else first?

In this audio class you will learn:
• How to nourish and care for yourself as a woman
• Ways to clear out the clutter in our lives
• Easy to implement habits to nurture yourself
• Simple tips for adding more enjoyment, love and laughter into your life

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Time Management Made EASY Class

Do you find yourself running out of time to do everything? Are you a procrastinator? Do your lists have lists?

In this audio class you will learn:
• The definition of time management
• Simple tools and tips for effectively managing your time
• Effective ways to organize and manage your tasks
• Ways to avoid energy drainers
• How to handle procrastination

Make the time to listen to this class!

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