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As a child I was very passionate about nutrition and considered myself a healthy eater, yet as long as I can remember I had issues with constipation. I was fortunate enough to enjoy home cooked meals most nights and my favorite restaurant for special occasions was my Mom’s Kitchen. In college I made sure my apartment was stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables along with essential “healthy junk”, you know low-fat Snackwell’s cookies, mini swedish fish, tootsie rolls and various cereals and chips.  I started experimenting in the kitchen and discovered how much I LOVED cooking healthy meals for my friends and hosting mini dinner parties.

As I reached my 20’s my constipation grew worse and worse.  In 1999 I went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where I was diagnosed with spastic colon.  I don’t think there is a product out there which promises to “cure” constipation I have not tried. Unfortunately nothing helped!

In 2001, shortly after I got married, I started to really not feel well.  I had unexplained aches and pains and was exhausted all the time.  I went to countless doctors and they could not truly understand what was wrong. My symptoms became so debilitating I had to leave my corporate career in Advertising and eventually I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  After going to a rheumatologist who wanted to put me on a medication that was so addictive I would have to be weaned off of it, I decided there had to be a better way.

And so my journey to create my own well-being and happiness BEGAN!

The quest to understand my conditions led me to discover the strong connection between food and health. I also discovered many wonderful alternatives for the foods I had to avoid. Learning the different effects food has on my body was instrumental in helping me resume a healthy and happy life.   As a result of my own health transformation, I happily am gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.

I am a wife and mom dedicated to helping others benefit from my experience. I also am passionate about supporting women to learn how they can live more vibrant, healthier, happier lives.

Personal Web Nutrition is Born!

After leaving my corporate career in Advertising, I decided to embark on a new career.  I trained at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition accredited by State University of New York (SUNY) and am a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). My passion, knowledge and expertise in nutrition and wellness along with the birth of my beautiful daughter in 2012 were the inspiration to create Personal Web Nutrition, a company devoted to empowering individuals and corporations to find the right food and lifestyle choices which best support their goals. I create unique programs tailored to help clients mange their well-being through food and lifestyle adjustments.  I also offer corporate wellness programs to help reduce the need for medical care, increase productivity and increase employees’ desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

I look forward to supporting you in finding the right food and lifestyle choices for your goals.

With much love and support,

Rachel Lerner, HHC
Founder, Personal Web Nutrition

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