Group Coaching is a wonderful way to work with me while being inspired by other like-minded individuals.  The group setting creates a community of support and facilitates connections.  It also is an economical way for us to work together.   Group Coaching programs are available to large or small groups (minimum of 4) either in-person or via telephone.

Group Coaching is for you if you WANT to…
• Have more energy and vitality than you can handle
• Stop struggling with your relationship with food
• Introduce new and exciting foods into your diet
• Feel better from the inside out
• Kick those cravings for good
Lose those last 10 pounds
• Never diet again
Be supported by like-minded individuals

You will LEARN…
• How to kick your cravings without deprivation or willpower
• Energy boosting foods critical for your vitality
• How to feel better from the inside out
• The skinny on fats and oils
• My top secrets to releasing weight without dieting
• How to get clarity around your goals and obstacles
• and much more….

Your program INCLUDES…
• Six 75-minute dynamic, interactive group workshops via telephone
• Loads of quick healthy recipes and cooking tips
• Easy to implement ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle
• Plentiful resources such as handouts, foods-to-try as well as other materials that will keep you excited about learning and support your commitment to your health
• E-mail support in-between sessions
• A buddy to check-in with between calls
• FREE individual initial health consultation

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