Success Stories

“Rachel’s own personal story of overcoming  several health concerns through diet and lifestyle changes sealed the deal for me to work with her!  I was enlightened by her approach to well-being.”

I struggled for years with intestinal discomfort and was finally diagnosed with an allergy to gluten products. Rachel showed me how I could still enjoy a wide range of foods, including bread, pasta, and waffles, without triggering any more digestive problems. Rachel is such a great listener, some sessions I think I talked for about 20 minutes straight while she just listened!  I also enjoyed how Rachel would check-in with me at the beginning of each session.  She was very interested in my feedback and made suggestions which were realistic and comfortable for me.

Wendy R., Real Estate Agent

“I have more energy now than I did when I was in my 20’s, I am no longer pre-diabetic and I lost 45 pounds!”

Working very long hours plus having 3 kids made it difficult for me to find the time in my schedule to eat right let alone exercise.  I was so busy at work and too tired on the weekends. Before I knew it I had gained a lot of weight and was pre-diabetic with borderline high blood pressure. My sessions with Rachel taught me wonderful, practical ways to manage my time and stress levels. She gave me the push and support I needed to realize my health comes first.  Rachel inspired me to take better care of myself which inevitably carries on to the people in my life, especially my kids.

Carly D.,  Financial Analyst

“Rachel was such an amazing role model for my 20 year old daughter, she even inspired her to learn how to cook.”

My 20 year old daughter has always had weight problems. She is quite athletic, so I was worried about her losing weight in a safe way.  Rachel designed a wonderful program for Kara that incorporated her active lifestyle while enabling her to lose weight. She also inspired Kara to learn how to cook.  They even went on a grocery store tour together!”

Amanda M., stay-at-home mom

“Rachel taught me how to find balance in my life, which included “me time”

During my pregnancy I gained thirty pounds. After I had my baby I had no time to exercise and was too tired to think about losing weight. Rachel helped me tweak my diet and substitute the foods I was eating for more healthy choices. Before I knew it the extra pounds were gone. I also discovered how much self-care was missing in my life!  I was so busy tending to my families’ needs and never made the time for my own needs.  Rachel taught me how to find balance in my life, which included “me time”. I started going to the gym more, asking my husband to pitch in and learned how to release my self-indulgance guilt!

Samantha P., New Mom

“Rachel provides excellent information and she definitely has a way of getting us aware of the choices we make.”

I absolutely LOVE your wellness workshops.  I thought it was so helpful when you said not to completely deprive oneself of things we like but to make choices, narrow down and balance the junk with healthy choices.  I definitely ate better yesterday- lots of veggies, fish for dinner and went on the farmers market website you mentioned.  I hope to keep it up! I am ready to make some changes in my eating and appreciate your support.

Stacey B., Attorney

“Since working with Rachel I eat and cook much healthier, I know how to grocery shop for healthier foods (she took me on a private grocery store tour!) and I have incorporated breathing exercises into my weekly routine.”

I had always been eating relatively healthy but wanted to really make an effort to eat right. I found Rachel to be extremely knowledgeable, energetic and supportive, so it was fun working with her. I enjoyed all of the relevant handouts and giveaways Rachel provided to go along with each visit! Since working with Rachel I eat much healthier, I know how to grocery shop for healthier foods (she took me on a private grocery store tour!) and I have incorporated breathing exercises into my weekly routine. I know the experience I had during my 6-month program will continue to help me as I go through life.

Anna, O., VP of Sales

Rachel Lerner’s dedication and passion towards helping others live healthier lives is unparalleled.”

Rachel is an extremely competent person with vast experience and extensive knowledge about nutrition, weight loss and overall better health. Her articles are very interesting and informative and her communication skills, both verbal and written are truly excellent.

Dan, Co-Founder DDB Media, LLC

“I learned how to LOVE living a gluten-free healthy lifestyle”

I knew I had to stay away from gluten but found grocery shopping and reading nutrition labels overwhelming. Completely adjusting my eating habits to address my gluten intolerance seemed to be such a daunting task.  In my mind, it meant not eating anything “good”! However, while working with Rachel I realized how much better my life would be be because of my adjustments. After each session I felt more empowered–physically and emotionally. While working together, I lost 10 pounds and felt better than I had in years. The private grocery store tour I had with Rachel showed me how many wonderful gluten-free healthy alternatives are available, what whole foods to shop for and how to avoid less healthy ingredients.

Joan T., Accountant

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